From the northern California border to the far reaches of San Bernardino, one-third of California is forestland—that’s approximately 33 million acres. Our forests contain over four billion trees!

Every Californian benefits from a healthy forest, and here’s why:

  • CLEAN AIR AND WATER: Forests provide oxygen and increase the quantity and quality of water from our watersheds.
  • CARBON STORAGE: Forests serve as the state’s largest land-based carbon sink, which means the trees, shrubs and soil soak up carbon, keeping it from rising and trapping heat in the atmosphere.
  • CLIMATE CHANGE: Active forest management will help create healthier, more resilient forests that are better suited for a changing climate.
  • WILDLIFE HABITAT: Animals use different parts of the forest for food, shelter and protection and thrive in a healthy forest.
  • RECREATION: Forests are great for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and photography.
  • ECONOMIC BENEFITS: Well-managed forests can provide jobs to rural and urban communities.
  • REDUCES WILDFIRE RISK: Actively managing forests helps slow wildfires and reduce severity.