Whether you live near a forested area or a bustling city, our everyday lives are affected by forests.  Forests affect the quality of air we breathe and water we drink. Healthy forests are also less likely to have devastating, catastrophic wildfires.

Yet, California’s forests are suffering. Why? Our 33 million acres of forests are exposed to many challenges.

  • Lack of Fire Use: Over 100 years of fire suppression and exclusion has led to overcrowded forests and increased vegetation.
  • Climate Change: Warmer temperatures and more rain than snow affects forest structure and health.
  • Wildfire Risk: Wildfires are burning hotter and faster, damaging our forests and communities.
  • Drought: Recurring drought stresses our forests, increasing the impact of wildfires and other damage such as pests.
  • Invasive Pests: Since 2010, over 147 million drought-stricken trees have been killed by bark beetles. Stressed trees are even more susceptible to pests.

CAL FIRE and other state and national organizations are working to improve the health of California’s forests. Healthier forests mean a healthier environment.