As our climate changes, wildfires become more devastating, temperatures rise, drought continues, and pollution increases. Keeping our forests healthy becomes more important than ever! These challenges make it clear that active forest management is necessary to keep our forests and lives healthier.

Keeping our forests healthy means more than making sure they stay beautiful. CAL FIRE and other agencies practice forest management methods such as prescribed fires and tree clearing in order to reduce the likelihood of destructive wildfires.

Active forest management is:

  • Reforestation to help grow a new generation of healthy forests
  • Prescribed Fires to reduce the likelihood and impacts of uncontrolled wildfires
  • Timber harvesting to reduce overcrowding of vegetation which is fuel for wildfire
  • Weed and pest control to improve tree health

Forest management helps all Californians by providing:

  • Cleaner air and water through healthier forests
  • A robust wildlife habitat that thrives in healthy forests
  • Recreation opportunities
  • Sustainable locally grown wood products
  • Protection from deadly wildfires
  • A stronger economy and new jobs

CAL FIRE, the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management work with other public and private partners to make improvements to our forests. It is equally important to ensure research and ongoing monitoring informs forest management actions.