Creating a wildfire-resilient California

Californians across the state are working together to create a more wildfire-resilient California. From firefighters conducting prescribed fires, to foresters improving forest health, and homeowners creating defensible space. Our combined efforts help reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires. Do your part with your home and property, support your community, and learn more about CAL FIRE’s efforts to reduce wildfire risk.

Learn how prescribed fires reduce wildfire risk and promote healthy forests
Defensible space is a buffer to protect your home from wildfire by maintaining a lean and green area around it
Harden your home to increase its chance of surviving a wildfire by preparing it to withstand direct flames, radiant heat, and flying embers.
Here’s what CAL FIRE is doing to promote forest health and reduce the risk of wildfire
Conozca los desafíos anuales que enfrentan nuestros bosques
Learn about the yearly challenges that our forests face