Place your targets on dirt or gravel
Shoot in areas free of dry vegetation—and avoid shooting on hot windy days. Bullet fragments can be extremely hot and can easily start a fire.

Use safe targets
Shooting at steel targets or rocks may throw sparks into the nearby vegetation. Use paper targets or clay pigeons.

Ammunition type matters
Steel Core and solid copper ammunition have the highest potential to start fires. Lead core bullets are less likely to ignite surrounding vegetation.

Exploding targets
Exploding targets can be highly destructive.

Incendiary or tracer ammunition
Ammunition that “burns” can easily ignite vegetation so should not be used in flammable areas.

Bring a shovel and a fire extinguisher
Keep a shovel, fire extinguisher and extra water on hand, in case a fire does start.

Report all fires: CALL 9-1-1
Report: location, what is burning, how fast it is moving, how tall the flames are, and what is in danger. Stay on the phone.