Landowners Assistance

California is experiencing epidemic levels of tree mortality. Dead and dying trees are a hazard to the public and to infrastructure. Many agencies and organizations are working together through the Tree Mortality Task Force to help address and remove dead trees that pose a direct threat to public safety or critical infrastructure. In total over 500,000 dead trees have been removed and more projects across the high-hazard areas are in the works. Homeowners may be able to get assistance to remove dead trees or reforest their property based on their situation and location.Dead trees in Placer County

Reforestation: Interested in replanting trees, but have questions or concerns?

Grants: Find out if there are grants available that your organization or you qualify for?

Insurance: Learn more about tree mortality and insurance

Counties: Find resources based on where you live

Utilities and Infrastructure: Do you have dead trees on your property that would impact Utilities and Infrastructure if they fell?