In cases of wide-scale need, the local Emergency Manager or other government representatives will coordinate with government agencies, public safety officials, nonprofit organizations, and elected officials to secure public facilities (such as emergency shelters), identify government assistance for special needs populations, and obtain emergency food and water supplies. In California, county offices work with the State of California Office of Emergency Services and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Public meetings are vital sources of information on programs and services available in your community after a wildfire. This section describes a selection of recovery programs and services provided by government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and nonprofit organizations. Often, recovery assistance requests need to be coordinated through your local jurisdiction or post-wildfire coordinator, while other programs can be requested by individuals and households. Please note that programs and funding levels can change from year to year, and assistance may not always be available. You may also find additional assistance from community volunteers and local organizations that are not included here.

If there is an official disaster declaration for your area, visit Disaster Assistance to find information, support, services, and a means to access and apply for disaster assistance.