Check out our Web-Based App!

Use the CAL FIRE web-based app to create a personalized wildfire readiness plan and learn active incident information.

This tool enhances your wildfire preparation experience! We understand that your living situation is unique and our app will help you personalize your wildfire preparation steps. You’ll start by taking a short survey that identifies what actions you’ll need to take. While completing these actions, you can save and share your progress. And be sure to stay up to date on incidents by signing up for text messages! Use the link below to get started.

Ready for Wildfire Web App



Q:  Why is there a Ready for Wildfire web-based app?

A:  Many Californians aren’t properly prepared for wildfire, or what to do when wildfire strikes near them. CAL FIRE launched the Ready for Wildfire app to help residents prepare for and stay accurately informed about California wildfires. With a web app, CAL FIRE can make quick and timely updates, making information more readily accessible to users.


Q:  How do I access the Ready for Wildfire web-based app?

A:  The wildfire survey and checklists can be accessed by entering on your device’s browser. To view wildfire incidents near you, visit


Q:  Can I download the app from the Google Play or the iOS App Store?

A:  No. The web-based app will not be accessible from the Google Play or the iOS App Store.


Q:  Can I save the web-based app to the home screen of my phone?

A:  Yes. Users can add the web-based app icon to a device home screen, providing quick access to wildfire readiness plans and wildfire incident information.

Android users will be met with a “Add to Home Screen” pop up message to save the web app to their device home screen. For iOS users they will need to click the share option and scroll and tap the “Add to Home Screen” button.


Q:  How can Californians use the Ready for Wildfire app to prepare and plan for wildfire?

A:  Users can answer five quick survey questions to identify their living situation. Once the survey is complete, a personalized wildfire readiness plan is produced. The wildfire readiness plan produces personalized checklists of information targeted toward evacuation preparedness, creating a wildfire action plan, maintaining defensible space and hardening homes against wildfire.


Q:  How is the apps wildfire readiness plan checklist personalized?

A:  Questions asked during the survey are specific toward individual living situations, and include:

  • Where do you live? Are you a homeowner or a renter?
  • Does your property include driveway or access road, garage, outdoor area with vegetation and/or a pool or a well?
  • Do you live with a: child, senior and/or person with a disability?
  • Do you have livestock or a pet?
  • Do you have a vehicle?


Q:  What type of information will the wildfire readiness plan checklist provide me?

A:  The wildfire readiness plan will educate you on:

  • Defensible space: Steps to take to ensure there is enough defensible space around homes and buildings
  • Home hardening: Tasks to complete that will help make homes more wildfire resistant
  • Wildfire action plan: Tasks to prepare in advance of a wildfire in order to be ready if wildfire strikes
  • Prepare for evacuation: Steps to take when an evacuation is anticipated or ordered to improve personal safety and home protection
  • Animal evacuation: Tasks to prepare to evacuate pets or livestock


Q:  Can I share my wildfire readiness plans with my friends and family?

A:  Yes. The Ready for Wildfire readiness plans can be printed and shared by email, Facebook and Twitter. Sharing your plans will encourage others to take measures to help protect their family, home and property from wildfire.


Q:  What type of wildfire incident information is available through the web-based app?  

A:  Users can type in a zip code or location and quickly see up-to-date information about nearby wildfires, within 250 miles.

  • Incident information includes fire name, acres burned, percent of fire contained, point of origination, current wind and temperature readings, as well as a link to full incident details. In addition, users can easily view a map displaying active wildfires in California.


Q:  Where do I find information on active California wildfires?

A:  Visit


Q:  Does the Ready for Wildfire app show all active wildfires in California?

A:  Incident information is only available on wildfires managed by CAL FIRE, that are greater than 10 acres in size, in CAL FIRE jurisdiction, or for which CAL FIRE provides resources. To access the wildfire incidents page, visit


Q:  Can I receive notifications of wildfire incidents on my mobile device?

A:  Yes. The Ready for Wildfire app allows you sign up for text messages to receive information about active CAL FIRE wildfire incidents. If you choose to opt-in to receive text message notifications, you will receive alerts about active wildfires within 20 miles of your identified zip code. To unsubscribe from text messages, you will need to reply using “STOP.” To re-subscribe and resume text messages, reply “START.”


Q:  How is a web-based app – like the upgraded Ready for Wildfire app – user friendly to all Californians?

A:  A web-based app allows CAL FIRE to:

  • Prioritize user’s needs by making information easily accessible. The Ready for Wildfire app is available at
  • Ensure everyone has access to up-to-date information. A web-app allows us to update information in one place and be assured all devices provide current accurate information and functionality.
  • Meet users across multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.


Q:  If I previously downloaded the Ready for Wildfire Native App and signed up to receive text message notifications, will I still receive text messages through the app”?

A:  Yes, if you previously registered to receive text messages about wildfire incidents, you are automatically opted-in to receive text message notifications about wildfire incidents through the web-based Ready for Wildfire app.