Yes, you read that correctly! Over 102 million! That’s how many trees in California’s forests have died since 2010 from drought and bark beetles. In 2016 alone, over 62 million trees died and the numbers continue to increase.

Despite California’s wet winter, our forests are still suffering—no amount of rain can bring back those dead trees. Trees that were highly stressed during the drought are weakened and susceptible to bark beetle attack, and may still die. Think this doesn’t this impact you? Think again. California’s forests affect the air we breathe and the water we drink in the Bay Area.  

  • Protect our water by acting as natural filters for underground water supplies that eventually become our drinking water.
  • Clean our air by absorbing greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide.
Forests cover a third of California and, in one way or another, provide resources and benefits to everyone in our state. That’s why it’s vital that our forests are healthy. CAL FIRE, along with partners in the Governor’s Tree Mortality Task Force , is working to create healthier forests for a healthier tomorrow. 
Tree Mortality Task Force 2017 Update